The Trouble With My Head

Vogel – Wieruszowski

266.) Vogel, Werner F. (1938-1945) Wayne U. (Detroit) / Engineering

Werner F. Vogel (1893-1970) / “Angular spacing tables, computed and compiled by Dr. Werner F. Vogel. …” … “Werner F. Vogel Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering” / “Annual awards for undergraduate students attending Wayne State University who are majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Selection based on academic …” / Crank mechanism motions; new methods for their exact determination / [by] Werner F. Vogel. Vogel, Werner F. (Werner Franz), 1893-1970. …” / “The Exact Over-wire Measurement of Screws, Gears, Splines, and Worms. by Werner F. Vogel


267.) Waibel, Leo (1939-1944) U of Wisconsin / Geography 

Vegetation and land use in the Planalto Central of Brazil L Waibel – Geographical Review, 1948 – LEO WAIBEL ECAUSE vast areas of Brazil are still little known or even completely unknown, her geographers for a long time to come will have to be explorers, scientific pioneers opening up the land and preparing the… White Settlement in Costa Rica L Waibel – Geographical Review, 1939 – / “IN the rapidly accumulating literature on settlement of the tropics by the white man one country, which stands out as a classic example of such settlement, has been conspicuously overlooked- Costa Rica.1 Yet in this little Central …” European colonization in southern Brazil L Waibel – Geographical Review, 1950 – IN CONTRAST to the United States, colonization … Coloniza?ao” of the several states; it awaits collection, classification, and interpretation. But personal experience and observation also are needed. For nearly three years a group … The climatic theory of the plantation: a critique L Waibel – Geographical Review, 1942 – – Page 1. THE CLIMATIC THEORY OF THE PLANTATION: A CRITIQUE Leo Waibel … 38, I892, pp. 8-I2; reference on p. 9. 8 Leo Waibel: Probleme der Landwirtschaftsgeographie Wirtschaftsgeographische Abhandlungen, No. i), Breslau, I933, pp. I3-3I. … The political significance of tropical vegetable fats for the industrial countries of Europe L Waibel – Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 1943 – In the first decades of the nineteenth century a decided change occurred in the economic structure of central and western Europe. The continent had just recovered from the Napoleonic Wars ; the industrial revolution was … “


268.) Weil, Gotthold (1933-1934, 1937-1943) Hebrew U / Philology

See full size image Gotthold Weil – Wikipedia “28. März 2009 … Literatur von und über Gotthold Weil im Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek (Datensatz zu Gotthold Weil • PICA-Datensatz) …” / 2. Orientalisches Seminar der Universität Frankfurt am Main – Wikipedia / “10. Juni 2009 … Parallel zu dieser wissenschaftshistorischen Tradition vertrat Gotthold Weil im Frankfurter orientalistischen Wissenschaftsbetrieb die …” / 3. Gotthold E. Weil. {Sefer ha-Yovel.} Jubilee volume on the occasion … “Gotthold E. Weil. {Sefer ha-Yovel.} Jubilee volume on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Jerusalem, 1952. XII, 108 pp. Orig .hcloth. IN HEBREW …” 4. Maimonides, (Moses):; Über die Lebensdauer. Ein unediertes … “Ein unediertes Responsum herausgegeben, übersetzt und erklärt von Gotthold Weil. Basel, New York. S. Karger. 1953. 59 S. Originalbroschur. Rücken gebräunt. …” 5. Gotthold E. Weil – Jubilee Volume – On the Occasion of his … “הספר : Gotthold E. Weil – Jubilee Volume – On the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday [IN HEBREW] / Biram, A. Tur-Sinai, NH Goitein, SD et al.” 6. Wapedia – Wiki: Gotthold Weil “Der Artikel “Gotthold Weil” ist Teil der Wikipedia. Er steht unter der Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. “Gotthold Weil” auf der Webseite …”


269.) Weinbaum, Martin (1933-1944) (College of City of NY / History

“Modern European History. Martin Weinbaum. British Borough Charters, 1307-1660. Reviewed by Carl Stephenson, 703. Raymond H. Fisher. The Russian Fur Trade, …” / A Past Renewed “Spivakovsky, Martin Weinbaum, and Helene Wieruszowski. 33 Helmut Callis also taught Asian history. 34 Henry Sigerist, who came to the United States in 1932, …” / “The Significance of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier in Atlantic History … Martin Weinbaum. Citation-JSTOR Articlexml. 601. W. T. Mellows. …” / s “Dr. Martin Weinbaum (Berlin/History) HRF/1933. Three (unnamed) Czech doctors. To aid in clinical work/1938. Refugee Scholars at the Manchester College of …”


270.) Weinberger, Martin (1933-1944) NYU / History of Art

IFA | NYU – About the Institute: History “Small as it was, the Department of the History of Art was determined to divorce … Alfred Salmony and Martin Weinberger were what might be called resident …”


271.) Weinryb, Sucher B./ Bernard D. (Bernard Dov) (1940-1944) Jewish Teachers Seminary (NYC) / Talmudic Studies

The Jews of Poland: a social and economic history of the Jewish … “The Jews of Poland tells the story of the development and growth of Polish Jewry from its beginnings, around the year 1200, when it numbered a few score people, …” 2. Shylock’s children: economics and Jewish identity in modern Europe “… and long-forgotten article of 1938, the Jewish historian Bernard Dov Weinryb lamented Jewish scholarship’s long-standing neglect of economic themes. …” 3. Bernard Dov Weinryb (Open Library) “Der Kampf um die Berufsumschichtung by Bernard Dov Weinryb. (Schocken Verlag, 1936). Meḥḳarim u-meḳorot le-toldot Yiśraʾel ba-ʻet ha-ḥadashah :be-tseruf …” 4. Jewish emancipation under attack (Open Library) “By statement: by Bernard Dov Weinryb. Series: Pamphlet series Jews and the post- war world — no. 2. Language: English. Pagination: 95 p. ;. LCCN: 42023166 …” 5. Weinryb, Bernard Dov (1900-?) : The Blackwell Dictionary of … “Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic online reference library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship …” 6. Weiss, Isaac Hirsch (1815–1905) : The Blackwell Dictionary of … “Weinryb, Bernard Dov (1900-?) Weisgal, Meyer Wolf (1894–1977) · Weisgall, Hugo ( b. 1912). Weiss, Isaac Hirsch (1815–1905). Weiss, Peter (1916–1982) …” 7. Bibliography of Khazar Studies – Section 13: Descendants of the … “Weinryb, Bernard Dov. “The Beginnings of East European Jewry in Legend and Historiography. … Meir Ben-Horin, Bernard Dov Weinryb, and Solomon Zeitlin, pp . …” 8. Bibliography of Khazar Studies – Section 1: Introductory Works “Weinryb, Bernard Dov. “Solving the Khazar Problem. A Study in Soviet Historiography. ….. Weinryb, Bernard Dov. “The Khazars, an annotated bibliography. …” 9. Bernard D. Weinryb | LibraryThing “Books by Bernard D. Weinryb: The Jews of Poland, Jews of Poland: A Social and Economic … Author of The Jews of Poland. Also known as: Bernard Dov Weinryb …” 10. bkadden’s author cloud | librarything “Bernard Mark Esther Markish Sidney L. Markowitz Bernard (editor) Martin James …. Robert Silverberg Daniel Jeremy Silver Dov Silverman Hillel E. Silverman …” 11. Training Bureau for Jewish Communal Service (New York, N.Y. … “Weinryb, Bernard Dov 1900-. Kallen, Horace Meyer 1882-. collectionmanuscriptmixed material. Contains the administrative and financial records, including the …” 12. Polish Collections: Overviews of the Collections (European Reading … “Ossolinskich, 1984); and Bernard Dov Weinryb’s The Jews of Poland: A Social and Economic History of the Jewish Community in Poland from 1100 to 1800. …” 13. Horizon Information Portal “Weinryb, Bernard D. (Bernard Dov), 1900-. by title: … and economic history of the Jewish community in Poland from 1100 to 1800, by Bernard D. Weinryb. …”!2067917~!3100001~!3100028&ri=2&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&source=~!mercy 14. Horizon Information Portal “… economic history of the Jewish community in Poland from 1100 to 1800, by Bernard D. Weinryb. by Weinryb, Bernard D. (Bernard Dov), 1900-. Add to my list …”–+Poland&index=&uindex=SW&aspect=subtab14&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!mercy&1228817510558 Lorne Bair Rare Books: Jewish Emancipation Under Attack (Jews and … “2), Weinryb, Bernard Dov, First edition New York American Jewish Committee 1942 Staple-bound pamphlet. Printed green wrappers; 95pp.” 16. Lorne Bair Rare Books “Weinryb, Bernard Dov. Jewish Emancipation Under Attack (Jews and the Post-War World, No. 2). Weiss, David G. Samuel Pepys, Curioso. …” 17. Pustaka Studi Slavia Blog // Recent Blog Entries // jewish … “Posted on Thursday May 21st, 2009 at 22:19 in bernard dov weinryb, jewish publication society. The Jews of Poland: a social and economic history of the …” 18. Pustaka Studi Slavia Blog // Recent Blog Entries // diana … “andrew m. blasko · anthony howell · arnold toynbee · bernard dov weinryb · bibliobbazaar · constantine michalopoulos · council for research …” 19. – historical sources from thousands of archives “People; Abrams, Norman B; Arendt, Hannah; Arnold, Bernard; Baron, … Warburg, Edward M. M; Weinryb, Bernard Dov, 1900-; Weissenberg, Y. M; Wien, Samuel …”


272.) Weinschel, Herbert (1940-1945) Marymount College, (NY) / Political Science

Herbert Weinschel, ‘The Doctrine of the Equality of States and its Recent Modification,’ 45 AJIL (1951) / Hans Köchler The Voting Procedure in the United Nations Security … “See Herbert Weinschel, —The Doctrine of the Equality of States and its Recent …. In contrast to this, Herbert Weinschel, op. cit., …” ELEMENTS OF GEOGRAPHY ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY GENERAL CARTOGRAPHY “Herbert Weinschel, St. Louis University. ”I am impressed by the vast amount of statistical information that the book affords graphically, and by the …”


273.) Weissenberg, Richard (1933-1941, 1944) Middlesex U (Mass) / Zoology

(1882-1974) at Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, MA; Weissenberg is seated at a table with a microscope with three objectives. There is a large poster with diagrams behind him. He is facing the camera with his body oriented slightly to the left of the frame * “I.3 Biology I.4 Chemistry I.5 Economics I.6 Education I.7 Engineering …… Richard Weissenberg; Ottmar Werner; Wolfgang Weyrauch; Hans H Wundsch; …” * Microsporidian Interaction with Host Cells by Richard Weissenberg; …” * American Society of Zoologists: “Richard Weissenberg,. Department of Anatomy, Woman’s Medical College * RICHARD WEISSENBERG: STUDIES ON VIRUS DISEASES OF FISH: II * Otto Warburg, Loeb * Contrasts in scientific style By Joseph Stewart Fruton


274.) Werner, Heinz (1933-1941, 1944) Wayne County Training School (Mich.) / Psychology

Heinz Werner (1890-1964)

Born in Vienna, February 11, 1890

Worked with William Stern, Psychological Institute Hamburg, 1917

University of Michigan, 1933-1936

Harvard, visiting professor, 1937

Wayne County Training School, senior resident. Studied retarded children for 8 years, 1937-1945

Chair of the Psychology Department at Clark University from 1947

Getting Here: A short history of Speech Pathology in America Twentieth Century

wayne county training school website:

“Heinz Werner and Developmental Science Heinz Werner (1890-1964) was one of the three key developmental psychologists of the 20th century along with Jean …” www.

Heinz Werner and Developmental Science

Heinz Werner (1890-1964) was one of the three key developmental psychologists of the 20th century – along with Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. This book is a new exploration of Werner’s ideas and their social contexts – in Vienna in his student years, in Hamburg up to 1933, followed by the years of transit as an immigrant to America at times of economic depression, finally culminating in his establishment of the prominent “Clark tradition” in American psychology in the 1950s.

The book offers an in-depth analysis of Werner’s ideas as they were originally formulated in Vienna and Hamburg, and how they were changed by North American influences. Werner’s pivotal role between European and American intellectual traditions is illuminated through the use of rich memories of his former students, unique documents from Werner’s personal library at Clark, and analyses of links with other European traditions in philosophy and biological sciences.

The European period (prior to 1933) in Werner’s academic life is found to be definitive for Werner’s contributions to science. The ideas developed in his early career continued in the form of a productive empirical research program in the 1950s at Clark. An analysis of the social-intellectual climate of the development of psychology in America in the 1950s is a special feature of this book that will further enhance an understanding of Werner’s unique contribution.

This book will be of interest to developmental psychologists, sociologists and historians of science, philosophers, practitioners working in special education and neuropsychology, and for general readers interested in the history of ideas and life courses of scientists.

–Heinz Werner (1890-1964) was a jewish Austrian developmental psychologist. His orthogenic principle has been an influential approach to the concept of development. According to this principle development “proceeds from a state of relative lack of differentiation to a state of increasing differentiation and hierarchic integration” on all levels of the person.

Distancing – Distancing is a concept arising from the work of developmental psychologists Heinz Werner and Bernard Kaplan to describe the process of establishing a subjects individuality and identity as an essential phase in coming to terms with symbols, referential language and eventually full cognition and linguistic communication.Werner and Kaplan’s work was later expanded and edified into more refined therapeutic practice by the pioneer in deaf-blind patient therapy, Dr. Jan Van Dijk, and later refined by the work of Dr. Susan Bruce.

Selected Works – Werner, H. (1937). Process and achievement. Harvard Educational Review, 7, 353-368. / Werner, H. (1940). Comparative psychology of mental development. NY: International Universities Press, Inc. / Werner, H. (1944). Development of the visuo-motor performance on the marble board test in mentally retarded children. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 64, 269. / Werner, H. (1946). The concept of rigidity. Psychological Review, 53, 43-52. / Werner, H. (1957). The concept of development from a comparative and organismic point of view. In D. Harris (Ed.), The concept of development. Minneapolis, Minn: University of Minnesota Press. / Werner, H., & Kaplan, B. (1963). Symbol formation: An organismic developmental approach to language and the expression of thought. NY: John Wiley.


275.) Wertheimer, Ernst (1933-1944) Hebrew U / Physiology

Physiologic and Pathologic Influences on the Metabolism of Rat … “H. ERNST WERTHEIMER M.D.1 VICTORIA BEN-TOR M.SC.1. 1 Department of Biochemistry, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel …”


276.) Wieruszowski, Helene (1934, 1938-1944) 1216 St.Paul St., Baltimore, Md. / History

 Helene Wieruszowski (1893 – 1978)

Politics and culture in medieval Spain and Italy “… l 121 HELENE WIERUSZOWSKI POLITICS AND CULTURE IN MEDIEVAL SPAIN AND ITALY ROMA l97l EDIZIONI DI STORIA E LETTERATURA …” Philosophy and humanism: Renaissance essays in honor of Paul Oskar … “… (1818-1897) AND VESPASIANO DA BISTICCI (H22-1498) HELENE WIERUSZOWSKI In his introduction to the English edition of Vespasiano da …”


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